Roy Avis Artist

Roy Avis : About the Artist

Roy Avis

Born in Greenwich London in 1945 it is fitting
Roy paints London scenes. He has spent his life
seeing the beautiful metropolitan skyline change
and where else than from Greenwich can you see
London change the most..

Roy's compositions focus on capturing the
introduction of a new building to the horizon or
highlighting how a building is lit, studying its
effect on the skyline and its relationship with the Thames.

Like many artists before him he enjoys painting the contrast of man's artificial impact on the earth with the natural reflections of water and how light plays between them.

Roy’s work is exhibited at numerous galleries and international art fairs, and he is currently represented by Tracey McNee Fine Art of Mayfair. His work has been exhibited at Advocate Gallery, Wimbledon, and Modus Gallery, Paris. More paintings are also on show at First View Gallery Stourhead